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Rosetta Stone on sale Listen to the Indians cry _2

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PostWysłany: Czw 13:04, 16 Wrz 2010    Temat postu: Rosetta Stone on sale Listen to the Indians cry _2

Listen to the Indians cry

Abstract: The Western Movement of the United States left their hard work of immigrants, the brilliant achievements of the great west development, this brilliant performance on the development of American history had a significant impact, and further shape the American nation character. However, in this campaign, full of driving the U.S. ruling, first by killing India's bloody historical facts, to the Indians brought devastating disaster. It can be said Westward Movement's achievement is based on the majority of Indians over the grave. This civilization and democracy, both from the point of view, discusses the United States ruling on the Indians to take the bloody policies, listen to Indian policy.
Keywords: American West Indians in the bloody policy, democratic, civilized
\both to individuals and families as the unit moved to the west. [1] p128 the late nineteenth century, the continuous expansion of the territory of the United States, thousands of Americans and immigrants from California, east or west across the Mississippi River, the endless influx heart of the United States, mining, ranching, reclamation of wasteland and the establishment of towns, so that capitalism in the United States access to a wide range of development, thus the birth of the modern United States laid the foundation for favorable, with the western economic development and population increases, the New Jersey been established, the United States territory Ye followed increased. [2] p113
However, freedom of the great plains in the west and the Rocky Mountain region, about 220,000 Indians live, they are the real masters of the land. This is a white immigrants settle in the west a formidable obstacles encountered by whites and the best fighting the most powerful Indian tribes, north Sioux, Blackfoot, Crow Family, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribe tribe ; south Comanche tribe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Jiao Wo family, Ute tribe, South Cheyenne tribe, the Apache tribe and South Arapaho tribe. [3] p3 they are white westward movement to solve the first problem.
how to deal with the Indians in the western region, is the U.S. government in the development of the west need to be solved a major problem. For this difficult issue, the U.S. government adopted the method of forced migration in order to free up more and more white land. Indians continue to be rushed to the area of small barren reserves, once discovered what this reserve deposits, they were rushed to the other poor areas. [4] p36 serious obstacle to the west in the process, but the Indians brought to the genocide of almost a disaster, this means became infamous in American history can not always wash stain.
democracy is not truly democratic
the U.S. government recognizes Indian sovereignty over their land never stop at the surface, independent of the United States, the Declaration as a democratic country, only democracy embodied in a key statement Act on a section, and no real persist. Are null and void, not the slightest effect on the Indians protective effect, gave the U.S. government an excuse to cover up evil.
1783, the U.S. Congress issued a statement to clarify a few issues to deal with the basic principles of the Indians, namely: Indian tribes signed treaties with the United States has full powers to the absolute equality of the \all further land ceded, must be properly marked boundaries of each region to identify specific treaties; prohibited private purchase of Indian land. In 1787 the Northwest Ordinance, the U.S. government has specific requirements: without Indian consent shall not seize land and property; not arbitrary violations of Indian property, rights and freedoms; should specify the law to prevent abuse of the Indians and strive to maintain peace and friendship with the Indians; so. However, despite the U.S. government to deal with the Indians to the principles, but in the actual process of developing the western region, these principles are not really upholding.
1785 years after the promulgation of the Land Act, the Commissioner for the United States Congress sent several Indian tribes with the Ohio area negotiations, to persuade them to give up sovereignty over the Northwest. These officials by means of coercion, force some tribes signed several treaties, but this can only be aroused against the Indians. May 1830, President Jackson signed a middle-aged to decree on the Indian reservation system implemented. Later, because discovery of gold in reserves, the Indians have they been driven out. In 1869, Congress set up a \In 1871, Congress passed the \Since then, through the signing of the treaty in exchange for Indian lands and resources. [5] p73-75 The promulgation of these policies, are the U.S. government as the center, from the interests of white, Indian, but in a pseudo-democratic policies Bale.
including 1877, Congress passed the \But after half a century, the Indians occupied the land from one person recalling 3,000 million acres, without compensation to be reduced to four thousand one hundred hardwood, half of which is arid or semi-arid desert. White depriving Indians of the land, using a variety of deception, or even killing others. [3] p8-9
overview of a series of examples listed above,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the United States under false pretext of democracy when, deprived of vast tracts of Indian land,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they lost their homes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only displaced, not lack of protection of sovereignty.
civilization is not really civilized
the U.S. government has long advocated the civilization westward movement in the process, they will be profound and mysterious art system, the means of bringing the Indians are still in original condition, and in fact, they The so-called \
to develop the western Indian land in heavy denial implemented. Tecumseh Indian Movement led to the suppression of the east end of Indian resistance to white violation of the joint history. [6] p1601832, the Sac and Fox Indians tribe in its leaders, led by Black Hawk, from the Indian territory across the Mississippi River, back to the original Illinois, to plant corn, to help the hungry, the results were white regular army attacks took place the so-called Black Hawk War. This is the Indian policy on Jackson forced the resistance movement. [7] p124
Chivington massacre is a bloody Indian war in the annals of the largest events of the militia rushed despite the chaos around the Red Man, just the way the shooting ax, a few hours later, 500 did not expect trouble in is ease of indigenous people to sleep 450 people have been broken, the body cloth over the battlefield. Surviving indigenous people spread throughout the American Great Plains, the vicious, inspired in the rest of the cut delay and Arapaho people more stand and fight. [8] p220 but advanced weapons to retaliate white, launched another massacre. In the Westward Movement, the size of the massacre of countless sharp drop in the number of Indians, heavy damage.
killing campaign to lead the first Anren heavy casualties, the use of white in the means of massacre and cruelty, one witnessed the massacre near the Colorado mountain range in northern Pike businessman testified that the Indians \brain is knock the local soldier's skin with a knife stripped women, beat children with sticks, guns also beat their heads cut off their limbs. \[4] p37 How cruel!
vertical above, this is by no means the spread of civilization, but an unmitigated disaster. Indians have been expelled,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], devastation and massacre. Indians, catastrophe heavy, to be the west end of the exercise, they almost wiped out.

Westward Movement to promote agricultural development, promote the transport, stimulated the rise of the western towns and industrial progress, promoting the formation of a unified market, but also temper the American national spirit. Westward Movement is an important chapter in American history. But it lies in the bloody massacres against Indians and wantonly driven basis. This genocide is a violation of humanitarian policy.
the U.S. government has always been an advocate of democracy and civilization, and accused him of the human rights and civil rights, while neglecting the conquest of Indian history in a disgraceful act, Americans should seek to conscience, to make compensation to the Indians!

[1] Outline of American History will record Gu Jia Chen Yao Bo Wu Wenjia edited Chengdu, Sichuan University Press, 1992
[2] History of the United States waiting for Ding Zemin Wang Xu Huang's Publishing House in 2000 edition
[ ,3] of the United Republic of growth (the volume) [U.S.] Samuel 埃利奥特莫 里森亨利斯蒂 Erkangmajie William Edward leuchtenburg co-Chi Kun Tianjin People's Publishing House in 1985, compared with 10 On
[4] Wang increase in American history and culture edited by Feng Zhou Xudong, Zhejiang Normal University Press in September 2005 the first edition of
[5] very time the United States, Maintenance Pei-Jin Chan Ho Le waiting Henan People's Publishing House in April 2002 first edition
[6] Yang Shengmao New American History students of the Chinese people LUKE University Press in April 1990 the first edition of
[7] Yu Zhisen book outline the history of the United States East China Normal University Press in January 1992 the first edition
[8] to the westward expansion (the volume) [U.S.] 雷艾伦比林 Patton Han-dimensional pure translation of the 1991 Beijing Commercial Press


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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