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men mbt shoes Visual

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PostWysłany: Pon 17:01, 13 Wrz 2010    Temat postu: men mbt shoes Visual

Visual \

  since the night from the treatment of myopia, we always wanted to write articles, record out of myopia from myopia to the whole process can be considered on its own myopia, \Maintenance in the last month, the follow doctor's advice, did not dare stay in front of the computer too much. When writing this topic today, in fact, feeling is something wrong. Mainly to the \The term was originally quite good, there is always a dubious use of them taste. For the time being it will.
  Some people say that there are genetic factors in myopia. I do not have this sentence in any basis. Single parents do not speak very good eyesight, that is my own childhood, childhood, adolescence, to see things are very clear. The early nineties, when I read junior high school,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because no attention to the protection, vision began to shrink. On the high school classmate is looking good for a girl wearing a pair of eyes, learning, personality cult of reason,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what wants to imitate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so \This did not wanted to wear is more than a dozen years.
  later into the community, only to find This is a burden. But would like to remove them is not so easy. Degree one again and again. Glasses have become a tool to observe things. Thought out, leave it, my world is chaos in the world. I heard there is a spectacle not come out the outside. So, immediately bought a pair of. At that time only of how to eyeball on the button, and have no small ask. Abstract wear this late morning, a small mirror box syrup separated from body, the flash is three years. Until the summer of 2007,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the eyes always uncomfortable, look dazzling light to feel special, and sometimes headache. Hurried to optical shops ask why. Know, one can only wear contact lenses a year, too! This is what I was wearing contact lenses, is completely invisible killer. Fairly found not too late. So they changed a.
  In fact, earlier, also heard people say that you can perform an operation for myopia. But it has no action. Until this time, wearing a back frame mirror, you are not willing to continue to wear it invisible,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hidden it too much. So finally decided to do refractive surgery refers to the historical agenda.
  but throughout the summer and fall, official private matter tied up and can only be Despair. Until January, phone a friend for treatment of an Eye Hospital in the city. Under the guidance of a doctor, pick up contact lenses after one week, to the hospital for a comprehensive eye examination. The results show that the situation can be, with the conditions of surgery. Then design a treatment program. The doctor said that because of the limitations of their own conditions, the most they can to restore visual acuity to 0.8 --- 1.0. I put a mirror that is achievable vision.
  because the physician is to ask too Beijing Tongren Hospital, so the operation can only be scheduled according to experts. Consecutive points in a week after eye drops, finally began operation on January 9 at night. In the others felt so horrible surgery, is only a very simple minor operation. From the point of local anesthetic preparation to lower the operating table after laser treatment, but also ten minutes. On the eye surgery is not only fixed the eyes, with a predetermined laser firing at close range only. Have no pain. 9 o'clock to make surgery, glasses some fuzzy, plus wearing a pair of goggles, I and my husband drove back to the county. Contact something of a depositor night, we also added a class to the company. At night some headaches, it is anticipated, the evening before leaving the doctor asked to prepare a person to pain the best films, vary, and some people may have a headache. This is normal, do not panic.
  served to pain tablets, sleep well, wake up, it is nine o'clock the next day. Open your eyes the first thing is to look out the window, it is real! Review of eight went to the hospital appointment. My husband hurried rush, while several others have been operated on review finished. We do have a good effect. Headache at night, only me and another man. Then the doctor prescribed some eye drops, but also detailed account of the note, asked the third day, seventh day to review.
  more than 5000 yuan, and finally in exchange for my good vision. Am grateful to those who explore the treatment of myopia technology experts. Also grateful to the man sitting in the aircraft come and gone physician. I finally left the glasses.


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