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buy cheap true religion jeans Read and note Read t

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PostWysłany: Nie 1:53, 12 Wrz 2010    Temat postu: buy cheap true religion jeans Read and note Read t

Read and note: Read the poem off the Central Plains

Central Plains-off \Leopard unrestrained
close to mud,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sand and a rough time
Revenge of the sunset glowing in the land of flowers under the
turbulent waves of death

leopards in the running. Back
clap of thunder in the sky, the sky constantly, in the back
running leopard, leaving the remaining large herds direction
collapsing panic

leopards in the running. Storm, after Fantasy
and poems, supple
own! To make reality into another reality of the corpse

leopards in the running. Leopard unfettered, clean burning fire
in the atmosphere, in its own
boundless, vast, twilight four floating Africa [original set \> Reading Notes:
look just like the poem is a highly visual impact of the commercials blueprint.
\With the author (or explain who) read out (strong) \a rough time / sunset glowing in the Revenge of under / over and over wildflowers surging waves of death \,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], how difficult reality, leopards have more courage! Here, \
Section II, the lens constantly switch: forward running of the \; can be equipped with special sound effects. Later, the lens gradually pushed back:) keep running, \Be labeled as a reference image of each other, the poem itself becomes a broad, Majestic, the to expand the reader's imagination is also very open.
Section III is the combination of ideal and reality, of what a clever self-involvement, he simply \surrender! (Commercials can be slow motion, close-up face vacated leopards; without any sound, lines, etc., consider color changed to black and white - silent effect, but the introduction of meditation.)
\Afterwards, \Seems to be a new start,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in the \) By the way, where \
first read \and the impact can be imagined! In 2007, Tonight,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], carefully read the Central Plains off of \I did some advertising copy for a small experience, the blueprint for the planning routine too old, but as \language for the whip, jumping rhythm
for the number of large and small scenes manipulation is its capability to capture images to give readers (see who) cheers, as did after. Also, this poem off the Central Plains into the poetry of the \
Also, I think I or we or our age calls for \

Zhongyuan off \happy to roam, be happy to have a candle
visit the small outdoor courtyard
will move into the quarter to quarter of people only learned of Konoha

vain to hear ancestors Piaoye uncertain chant, grand wind
really was secretly a person's Soul in the memories generated
when all the land of the wind have become a distant dream
has the best of his birth weight of ghosts?

When all of the memories have become a land of countless rumors
climb mountains and rivers, must be a Soul
After washing again, and again raise

if I am not a search for inner identity of the person
wind will not linger long in my place. Her from afar
also to go the distance! At the moment, autumn Takaoka a vast

San eyebrow Reading Notes:
read off the Central Plains, \, salt, washing ... ... these words seem not a big word,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but because they contain a wide sense of **** color, so I do not consciously the \study of one of the few: the thinking person! Namely: mental effort, with the soul tell people!
a poet.
\open language textbook to teach me the understanding of the sentence, the author of \reader (me) the feeling that: an assumption or prospects. For example, another example of the way will be to enter the real world are wider than the largest Poetry ... ... Look how much joy he \move into a quarter of people only learned of the Konoha Village and impractical \Oh, must be warm, closely related with the author, \
Yes, \the best of his birth weight of? \When the wind \
- because, \And \
I guess this is the author of a reading. Time listening to \!
Sang 2007/11/17/01: 48 Sichuan


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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